Friday, July 3, 2009

July 4th (early)

Here is the lavender baby blanket I mentioned a while back. It's so soft and has a sheen to it. It would also make a wonderful shawl - just fold it in half.

I'm still working on the tablecloth. The pattern is called "Big Event' by Hiroko Hanai. I'm up to round 32. We're not expecting a big holiday. We did all our celebrating last weekend with the hometown birthday celebration. I'm trying to work on more booties for Cason. I need quiet to concentrate and there's not been much of that available lately. I did one little blanket for Cason earlier and last week made another. This is also blue but is larger. I'm not sure what there is about the pattern but both kids seem to really like the feel of the blanket. Since all 3 are made of different yarns, I'm assuming it's something about the pattern/stitches that they like.

I got Dee's tablecloth blocked and she's very happy with it. She's still not sent me pictures as I asked.

I'm still working on learning FaceBook and all the other things related to my shop at Etsy. I seem to take one step forward and three back. It gets discouraging at times. And I worry about things at ISR (Indiana Sheltie Rescue) in today's economy. Donations are way down and dogs keep coming in. I wish I could get some regular sales income coming in to help ISR.