Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Busier than ever

I've made some progress on the tablecloth but not much. I stopped to crochet 10 filet stars for the incoming Worthy Matron of my Eastern Star chapter. And our son and daughter-in-law had a yard sale last weekend that we did a lot of work for. This weekend is my hometown's 175th birthday celebration and that's been a lot of work lately. And the weather went from wet, cold spring to muggy summer hot overnight so it's not been much fun to be outside at all. I usually like to sit outside in the shade and watch my hummingbirds and other birds in the yard while crocheting.

Here is a picture to show the progress I've made on the tablecloth. I used some gold thread to mark the round I was on with the post on June 12 to show much I've done since then. I'm currently on round 25.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Staying busy

I started a new project Monday (June 8). It will be my portable, carry-along WIP (work in progress) until it outgrows being portable. And if I stick with it, it will eventually grow beyond portability. It's now Friday and I'm up to round 18. Things worked in the round, as this is, start out with just a tiny circle - usually not much bigger around than a pencil. Then it grows round by round. Eventually, it will take well over an hour to work one round. This is a tablecloth that has 100 rounds and is about 14" in diameter now so by my math (which is admittedly poor) the tablecloth should be 70" or more when I'm done.