Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Work, work, work

A friend came out Monday and we spend the afternoon working on Etsy things. Sandy is really good with computers and their various programs. And she's got good ideas and a good camera - what more do I need in a friend! We hadn't seen each other for a while so it was a good excuse to reconnect.

She had a lot of good ideas. One big one was related to my photography. She commented several times about various items and said the photos just don't do them justice. She took several pictures of the lavender baby afghan and I'm sooo pleased with them. They show the pattern better than any picture I've tried to take. I wish I could post it here but I can't right now - it's read only. But she has me convinced I need to take a different type of picture - maybe even use live models.

My brother is also helping me with picking an avatar. I took pictures of several small doilies and he's going to put them into avatar size and we'll see what they look like. I'd like to settle on an avatar soon to go ahead with the whole theme of a logo (as much as I hate to put Lady out of a job). I'm also looking for business cards and back to trying to put together a brochure.

I'll take Dee's tablecloth to her Monday. I will wash it and dye it Sunday then just keep it in the frigerator until Monday. I'll block it at her house. With that project over, I've got a request from Jessica for booties for Cason as well as a little blanket like the one I made for Aleutia. The blanket is a no-brainer but the booties take a lot of concentration (for me) so that will have to be a project for a quiet day - and I'm not seeing any of those coming along for a while. Maybe I should ask that my Mother's Day present be a day by myself.